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An experienced & brilliant Executive Search Firm looking to update its website and put its users front of mind.

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 Frustration brought us together

JD&Co were frustrated with their website because they couldn't fix the broken elements or easily keep the website up-to-date themselves.

Their website was on WordPress and unless you have a developer on hand to keep your WP site up-to-date... it can break. JD&Co are growing and expanding every day, so they need a website that can help them reflect this and add to when they want.


Wix was the obvious choice for me as it's quick to understand, and has an easy-to-use visual web editor. 


Slick, modern, mobile-friendly &  editable website 

I am over the moon to have given JD&Co the freedom and peace of mind of having their own editable website.

JD&Co now looks fresh and modern, but more importantly, represents what services they offer, tells their story and allows their users to have a good user experience on mobile. And now when new team members come along JD&Co can easily add them in themselves. No more frustration!

I loved working with the team over at JD&Co, they were an absolute dream.

Visit the site here