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A Wild Life

Spiritual guidance based on non-duality. Guiding people to transcendence and inner peace. A journey of unlearning.


Nature at  the heart.

Adriana from A Wild Life came to me looking for a logo to represent her spiritual guidance business.

It was important to Adriana that the elemental symbols be included: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. After studying these symbols I was able to put them together in a way that encompassed them all.


Truly creative,  competent & connects on a personal level

"I’ve connected with Rosie earlier this year as I had a vision but not a (logo) design. Rosie was open, communicative and with very little guidance on my part has shortly thereafter produced two designs I immediately connected with and love - the only problem I had was choosing between the two!


Further, I had some issues with the files (my end!) and having contacted Rosie she offered to trouble shoot and were able to address it that day. If you are looking for a designer who is at once truly creative, competent and connects on a personal level you won’t regret reaching out!"

Adriana Leal.png

Adriana Leal
Owner of A Wild Life

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